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No matter how severe the charges, any run-in with the law can be stressful and leaves you questioning your future. When faced with criminal charges, remember to always be respectful and polite to law enforcement, but immediately invoke your right to counsel and call attorney, Stephen Glazer at Glazer-Hammond PLLC. When it comes to having a criminal charge follow you for the rest of your life and putting it behind you for good, an effective and experienced attorney can make all the difference. 

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  • 20+ years combined experience on your case
  • Effective defense strategy
  • Compassionate counsel
  • Affordable rates and flexible appointments

Stephen Glazer is former prosecutor and criminal law specialist (one of less than one-hundred criminal law specialists in the State of Arizona). Steve is prepared to fight on your behalf and will provide the best chances for you to have a positive outcome in your case.

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Our Criminal Defense Attorney's Can Answer Your Questions.

  • Do I need a lawyer for my criminal case?

While you don't need an attorney in every legal situation (for example, a simple civil traffic offense), in most circumstances, if you are suspect, or have been charged with a criminal offense, it's in your best interests to have a lawyer. Every person has a legitimate interest that their Constitutional rights should be protected. The police most likely are not concerned with your rights.  Rather, they are more interested in protecting the public. The police commit Constitutional violations every day. A lawyer has been trained to identify these issues. This may lead to a dismissal. Also, good lawyers know how to process a case to get the best result, whether it be a dismissal, a victory at trial, or a reduction in charges. This would be extremely difficult to accomplish by yourself.

  • What should I expect from a good criminal defense lawyer?

You should expect a good criminal defense attorney to complete a variety tasks to complete the goal of getting the best result.  It starts with good communication. You should be able to discuss your case directly with your attorney. Your attorney should return your calls. The attorney should draft all relevant documents to start the case, obtain discovery, complete a thorough case investigation and legal analysis. A good criminal defense attorney should send you a copy of the discovery so that you can review the evidence as well. After both you and your attorney review the case, you should consult with your attorney again to discuss what kind of case the State has against you. This is an important conversation. If the State has a good case against you, you may want to discuss possible plea negotiations. If the State doesn't have a good case against you, you may want to proceed to suppression hearing or a trial. Open communication, competence, professionalism, and experience are all traits you should expect from a good criminal defense lawyer.

  • How much does a criminal defense lawyer cost?

Cost on a criminal case varies. A variety of things are considered when an attorney quotes a price. Typically, the nature of the charges, the jurisdiction, a person's criminal history, the prosecutor's office policies, the experience of defense counsel, and the demands of the client will dictate price. 

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