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Estate Planning

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Many people know the importance of setting up retirement or investment funds, but forget not having an estate plan can leave loved ones in a difficult position.

Without an estate plan your family could be fighting to keep their home, their inheritance, and their stability.

Do you have an estate plan?

Having an estate plan allows you to take control of your future:

  • Decide where your assets go
  • Give your loved ones control of their inheritance
  • Choose how you will be cared for in the case of incapacitation
  • Decide who will take care of your children

Already Have an Estate Plan?

An estate plan is a document you always want to make sure is up to date. Is your estate up-to-date with your current life plan and wishes? We can help.

Contact our office to speak with attorney, Jacqueline Fisk-Glazer, and discuss your case today! 
Below are some Estate Planning common questions that can help you get started in understanding what we can provide.

 Estate Planning relates to implementing a plan on how to properly distribute your assets after you pass. The law encourages individuals to have a plan for how to divide the items they worked hard their entire life for – think about your land, house, car, bank accounts, or that old collection of Chicago Cubs autographed memorabilia. What happens to all of those items and who should get them? Ultimately, this decision is up to you. At Glazer Hammond, PLLC, we want to make sure all of your wishes are executed succinctly and properly. After all, one of the best gifts we can leave behind is a clear plan so that our family can focus on mourning their loved one. We will discuss all your legal options so that those left grieving by your passing will follow the plan you have left for them.

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