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Hi, my name is Steve Glazer with The Glazer Law Office and we’re going to talk about what to expect right after you’ve been arrested.

There are a variety of things that occur. One- the police are going to want to get a statement from you. Expect it. You should invoke your right to an attorney immediately. You should not give the police a statement without your attorney being present. So, expect them to get an admission of guilt from you. Invoke your right to counsel. Expect that they’re going to arrest you, take you to the police station; you’re going to be booked into the jail.

This isn’t a pleasant process. Jails aren’t meant to be fun. When you’re booked into the jail, they’ll take your fingerprints. They’ll take your picture. When you’re booked into the jail, they’re typically going to do a strip search to make sure that you’re not bringing any type of illegal contraband into the jail. They’ll give you one of their fancy jail outfits, which are oh, so stylish.

And then you’ll sit in jail until you see a judge. In Arizona, you’ll see a judge within 24 hours. While you’re in jail, it’s important you realize some very critical factors. If you call someone, what you should expect, is that the police and/or the government, the prosecutor’s office, the detention staff, they are listening to your conversation. Expect it. They’re recording it. Anything you say can be used against you. Do not talk about any facts of the case, period. You can tell your friend or loved one that you’re in jail. You can tell them what the bond money is to get you out of jail, but don’t talk about any facts.

Those are things you should expect when you’re arrested. Give me a call. If you’re ever arrested, we can talk about all your options. I’m Steve Glazer at The Glazer Law Office. Thank you.

Hi, my name is Steve Glazer. I’m a criminal defense attorney. My office is The Glazer Law Office.

In Flagstaff, the university is Northern Arizona University, NAU, and NAU students make up a great deal of my clientele.

What you should expect is you’re arrested by NAU police, is one – it’s not as though you’re going to be prosecuted in NAU’s own individual court system. It doesn’t exist. What happens is NAU police officers are post-certified police officers. They’re real police officers. You need to treat them as such. Your case is going to be prosecuted in the Flagstaff Justice Court, assuming it’s a misdemeanor, which most offenses that college students commit are misdemeanors, your minor in consumptions, your disorderly conducts, your pot paraphernalia. They’re low-level felonies. The state has the discretion to charge it as a misdemeanor and they typically do. DUIs, shoplifting – all those are going to go into the Flagstaff Justice Court. Not only are you going to be prosecuted, you’re above 18. You’re in adult court. You’ll have a criminal history. You’ll also be subject to discipline from the university if it happens on university grounds. So, NAU police would arrest you. They would report to the campus administration, and then the campus administration is going to get in touch with you for their own discipline. Be careful. What you do cannot only affect whether or not you go to jail, but it can also effect whether or not you get expelled from school.

If you have any questions, give me a call. I handle these types of cases on a daily basis. My phone number is 928-213-5916.

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