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Criminal Speeding (also known as “excessive speeding”) is a common criminal offense. In Arizona, criminal speeding is a class 3 misdemeanor with penalties of up to 30 days in jail, $500 in fines (plus surcharges and assessments), and 1 year of probation. Additionally, an excessive speed conviction translates into 3 motor vehicle points, which (depending on the number of traffic points already on one’s record) may in turn result in a point suspension or Traffic Survival School assignment.

Flagstaff Criminal Speeding Lawyer

Speeding citations are classified as either civil speeding or criminal speeding. Most minor speeding cases are considered civil speeding violations. Criminal speeding tickets, on the other hand, can be issued for the following incidents:

  • When a driver exceeds 85 mph.
  • When a driver exceeds 35 mph while near a school crossing.
  • When a driver exceeds a posted speed limit by 20 mph in a business or residential area
  • When a driver exceeds 45 mph in a business or residential district when no speed limit is posted

Law enforcement officers will typically assess your speed using one of the following methods: radar/laser device, pacing, and/or visual estimation. Reckless or aggressive driving charges may also be filed in conjunction with excessive speeding charges.

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