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Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC began in 2018 when Stephen Glazer and Keith Hammond decided to combine their legal knowledge and experience to provide expert legal services to Flagstaff and the rest of Northern Arizona. What began as a small practice has since expanded, with Jennifer Ruben joining as a partner in 2021. Stephen Glazer is a Criminal Defense Specialist in Arizona, and shares his time with Estate Planning; Keith Hammond is a Personal Injury attorney who is dedicated to getting his clients the compensation they deserve; and Jennifer Ruben is focused in the field of Family Law where she advocates for her clients and their families. Supported by a team of experienced paralegals, the attorneys at Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC are dedicated to providing the informed and focused legal services that people in Northern Arizona need.

Compassionate. A guiding principle at Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC is that every case and every client deserves to be treated compassionately. Typically, when someone is looking to hire an attorney, it is because there is something stressful in their life that requires a professional, legal touch. Understanding that any legal process can be stressful and overwhelming, Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC pride themselves on building relationships with their clients and never losing sight of the most unpredictable, but important element of every case: the human element.

Communication. All attorneys in Arizona take an oath to uphold certain ethical duties, but at Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC, it goes beyond an oath. Clients choose the attorney they feel will best represent them, and the attorney who they trust to handle their case and all of the sensitive information that might be involved. Communication is key when establishing that trust, and it all begins with getting to know the client. Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC has a firm office policy of returning all phone calls and emails within 24 hours and believes that frequent, honest communication is key to providing the best representation possible.

Knowledgeable. The basis of the excellent legal services offered through Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC is the knowledge that the attorneys bring to the table. No one attorney attempts to do it all, instead they focus their efforts on specific practice areas so that they are as knowledgeable and experienced in that area as possible. Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law, and Estate Planning are the areas that Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC have chosen to focus their expertise and the areas where they continue to hone their craft.

At the end of the day, Glazer, Hammond & Smets, PLLC is focused on the client and how to provide the best legal services for them. The attorneys only take cases they believe they can make a difference in because winning cases and client satisfaction go hand in hand.

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