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A dedicated but aggressive Flagstaff criminal defense attorney familiar with the regulations and procedures in the Flagstaff area can create a strategic legal defense for you and ensure you see a much more favorable outcome.

No matter how severe the charges, any run-in with the law in Northern Arizona can be stressful and leave you questioning your future. When faced with criminal charges, remember to always be respectful and polite to law enforcement, but immediately invoke your right to counsel and call Flagstaff attorney, Stephen Glazer at Glazer, Hammond, Ruben & Smets, PLLC.

Your rights are important to us, and we can do our utmost to defend you against criminal charges such as DUI, drug possession, assault, or any other potential crime for which you face an arrest or conviction. When it comes to having a criminal charge follow you for the rest of your life and putting it behind you for good, an effective and experienced attorney can make all the difference.

Criminal Charges Require Professional Legal Representation

A dedicated criminal law attorney will be able to evaluate the details of your case and all the circumstances leading up to it in search of crucial evidence. This information could help your charges be reduced or increase the likelihood that a judge and jury determine you are not guilty of the crime you were arrested for, whether it is a DUI, assault, or any other crime. For instance, if your attorney discovers that you have an alibi, they could present this evidence in court to invoke reasonable doubt of your guilt.

Your criminal law attorney will thoroughly understand and convey to you important information about your charge or charges, such as the potential penalties you’re facing. An excellent criminal defense lawyer can ensure that all the details of your case have been investigated and that no mistakes were made during the arrest or in court due to prosecution or law enforcement mishandling or incompetence.

There are sometimes exceptions that your legal team can invoke to help reduce, minimize, or even eradicate your sentence. If your lawyer finds that your rights were violated or mistakes were made in the process of collecting incriminating evidence, that evidence could be ruled inadmissible in court. If the prosecution’s case hinges on the evidence in question, your case may even be dismissed.

For example, if a police officer administered a field sobriety test incorrectly or did not have reasonable suspicion to pull someone over who was charged with a DUI, their charges could be reduced or dismissed.

Determining the Cost of an Flagstaff Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing criminal charges in Flagstaff, Arizona can be devastating, especially when you do not know what legal costs you will face. In this situation, a highly skilled and hands-on criminal attorney is essential to guide you through the complexities of criminal law and advocate for your rights at all times.

When it comes to costs, it is equally important to secure a legal team that will give you all the information you need to budget accordingly. Part of obtaining the right counsel is knowing that your attorney will help you make informed decisions every step of the way and ensure that your legal fees do not overwhelm you or your loved ones. While some attorneys charge hourly rates, others charge flat fees. Costs can vary depending on several factors, from an attorney’s experience and location to the complexity of your case.

Before making the decision to hire an attorney, ask about their rates and their estimate of the total cost of your case. They should be upfront and transparent about pricing.

FAQs About Arizona Criminal Laws

Do I need a lawyer for my criminal case in Flagstaff, AZ?

While you don’t need an attorney in every legal situation (for example, a simple civil traffic offense), in most circumstances, if you are a suspect, or have been charged with a criminal offense, it’s in your best interests to have a lawyer. Every person has a legitimate interest that their Constitutional rights should be protected. The police most likely are not concerned with your rights. Rather, they are more interested in protecting the public. The police commit Constitutional violations every day. A lawyer has been trained to identify these issues. This may lead to a dismissal. Also, good lawyers know how to process a case to get the best result, whether it be a dismissal, a victory at trial, or a reduction in charges. This would be extremely difficult to accomplish by yourself.

What should I expect from a good Flagstaff Criminal Defense Lawyer?

You should expect a good criminal defense attorney to complete a variety of tasks to achieve the goal of getting the best result. It starts with good communication. You should be able to discuss your case directly with your attorney. Your attorney should return your calls. The attorney should draft all relevant documents to start the case, obtain discovery, and complete a thorough case investigation and legal analysis. A good criminal defense attorney should send you a copy of the discovery so that you can review the evidence as well. After both you and your attorney review the case, you should consult with your attorney again to discuss what kind of case the State has against you. This is an important conversation. If the State has a good case against you, you may want to discuss possible plea negotiations. If the State doesn’t have a good case against you, you may want to proceed to a suppression hearing or a trial. Open communication, competence, professionalism, and experience are all traits you should expect from a good criminal defense lawyer.

How much does a criminal defense lawyer cost in Flagstaff, AZ?

The cost of a criminal case varies. A variety of things are considered when an attorney quotes a price. Typically, the nature of the charges, the jurisdiction, a person’s criminal history, the prosecutor’s office policies, the experience of defense counsel, and the demands of the client will dictate the price.

Q: How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost in the State of Arizona?

A: A criminal lawyer can charge fees in a variety of ways, so there is no set answer to this question per se. Depending on the complexity of the case, for example, or whether or not the firm charges an hourly rate or a flat fee, fees can vary. Hourly rates for criminal law attorneys in Flagstaff can be from $100 to $500 per hour. Some more severe cases may require additional fees for expert witnesses, and there are also court fees to pay.

Q: What Type of Lawyer Defends the Innocent?

A: An empathetic and dedicated criminal attorney will defend their client according to the law of the land, which states that every citizen has the right to be fairly defended in a court of law and is innocent until proven guilty. In fact, regardless of your criminal charge—whether it be driving under the influence, drug possession, or even multiple felony charges, your defense counsel’s duty is to prove that the charges against you cannot be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for Crimes in Arizona?

A: Depending on the specifics of the crime and ensuing charges, there are differences in the statutes of limitations for various crimes. For instance, the following offenses have varying deadlines by which charges must be filed:

  • Petty offenses: six-month statute of limitations
  • Misdemeanors: one-year statute of limitations
  • Felonies in classes two through six: seven-year statute of limitations

Q: How Long Do Police Have to File Charges in AZ?

A: Charges are filed by prosecutors rather than the police. The Arizona Criminal Time Limitations determine the maximum time limit by which the state is allowed to bring criminal charges against a subject.

A criminal law attorney can inform you of whether the time limitation has expired against your criminal charge. Misdemeanor charges allow Arizona prosecutors one year to file charges, while felony charges allow seven. Serious or violent crimes such as homicide have no time limitations.

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Why Choose Our Flagstaff Criminal Defense Lawyers?

  • 20+ years combined experience on your case
  • Effective defense strategy
  • Compassionate counsel
  • Affordable rates and flexible appointments

Our firm began as a small practice and has expanded to serve the population of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. Our founding principles are rooted in compassion for each and every client and their specific case, taking an empathetic and hands-on approach at this stressful time in your life.

We strive to work with our clients to communicate professionally and build trust while we help you make the most informed decisions every step of the way. The office policy at Glazer, Hammond, Ruben & Smets, PLLC, is to return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours and to keep in contact with clients as frequently as possible.

Stephen Glazer is a former prosecutor and criminal law specialist (one of less than one hundred criminal law specialists in the State of Arizona). Steve is prepared to fight on your behalf and will provide the best chances for you to have a positive outcome in your case. Your specific case, experience, and future are of the utmost importance, and Steve is determined not only to represent your rights in criminal court but also to make a difference in its outcome, positively impacting your life and your satisfaction as our client.

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