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"I took my family to Arizona on vacation and rented a high end home on a beautiful lake. One evening, a couple of family members were intoxicated and an argument ensued. When a family member went outdoors and raised his voice, a neighbor called the police. I ushered the loud family member into the house and told him he was too loud to be outdoors. A neighbor called the police and five police cruisers arrived. I did not have anything to drink and informed the police that a family member was outside yelling and I ushered him into the house. The officer told me that laying a hand on someone in Arizona was assault. I was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct and placed in jail for 36 hours. As soon as I was released on bail, I researched attorneys in the area and chose Keith due to outstanding reviews by his clients. He took care of everything and the case was dismissed. I highly recommend him!"

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