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Role of Insurance Companies in Arizona

What do insurance companies consider when assessing personal injury claims in Arizona? Car wrecks, dog bites, and slip and falls are accidents that often lead to injuries. The victims of such accidents can be forced to deal with medical bills, recovery time, and an overall…

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Pre-charge “Investigation” Stages in Arizona

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT DURING THE PRE-CHARGE/ INVESTIGATION STAGES OF MY CASE? Before a case is charged and you are being investigated by law enforcement, it is best to consult with an attorney. While police are allowed to lie or use falsehoods to gain information…

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Set-Aside & Certificate of Second Chance in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, it is possible to petition the court to Set-Aside your conviction and receive a Certificate of Second Chance. But what does it mean to Set Aside a conviction and what exactly is a Certificate of Second Chance? GETTING YOUR CONVICTION…

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