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Legal Decision-Making in Arizona – All You Need to Know

Deciding which parents have legal decision-making power can be a difficult part of divorce proceedings. This can be made harder if it is part of a contested divorce and there are disagreements on who can make decisions for the children of the former couple. Understanding…

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Arizona DUI Laws and Penalties Explained

If you unknowingly broke a traffic rule and were charged with a DUI, or if you were mistakenly determined to be driving while intoxicated, talk to a criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable in this area of the law. It is also helpful to review…

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Arizona Parenting Time Plan – All You Need to Know

Many difficulties come with separation and divorce. One aspect that is sometimes not given enough attention is the changeover to co-parenting and the division of parenting time. It’s always good to have a parenting time plan that both parents agree on. An Arizona parenting time…

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Arizona Contested Divorce Process Timeline

4Divorce is a heartbreaking, exhausting process, and the legal proceedings make the emotional aspect much more difficult. When a divorce is contested, it means that the spouses disagree about how aspects of the case should be settled, like child custody, child support, and property division.…

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Revocable Trust vs. Will in Arizona: What’s the Difference?

Both revocable trusts and wills are important aspects of estate planning in Arizona. These documents allow you to name the people you want to receive your assets after you pass away. Without estate planning documents like trusts and wills, you will be unable to determine…

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Two DUI Appeals Successfully Defended by The Glazer Law Office, PLLC

The Glazer Law Office recently prevailed in two more Appeals which were filed by the State in DUI cases, resulting in dismissals of all charges. In the first case, the client had submitted to a breath test which resulted in .149, nearly twice the .08…

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Arizona ranked #1 in criminal penalties for DUI

Followed by Georgia and Alaska, Arizona has been ranked the number one state in cracking down on drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A personal -finance site, Wallet Hub, recently conducted a survey ranking mandatory sentences in each state, finding Arizona with the…

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Friday Funny: The Case of the Con Man

Convicted con man Peter Horsford, who was accused of impersonating a lawyer, had trouble getting a trial date in New York in 1988. The problem was that four of the judges considered for his trial were disqualified from hearing the case – because he had…

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To Take A Breath Test Or Not, That Is The Question

When suspected for DUI, many clients want to know whether to take a breath test. While every jurisdiction has different laws and culture surrounding breath tests, there are some specific suggestions we can offer it you are arrested for a DUI in Flagstaff, Arizona. First,…

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DUI Drugs In Arizona

Did you know that you can be charged with DUI Drugs if you were driving days, or even weeks after smoking marijuana…even if you have a medical marijuana card? Unfortunately, we see it all too often. Here’s the usual scenario: Person gets pulled over…Cop suspects…

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