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Legal Decision-Making in Arizona – All You Need to Know

Deciding which parents have legal decision-making power can be a difficult part of divorce proceedings. This can be made harder if it is part of a contested divorce and there are disagreements on who can make decisions for the children of the former couple. Understanding…

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Arizona Parenting Time Plan – All You Need to Know

Many difficulties come with separation and divorce. One aspect that is sometimes not given enough attention is the changeover to co-parenting and the division of parenting time. It’s always good to have a parenting time plan that both parents agree on. An Arizona parenting time…

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Arizona Contested Divorce Process Timeline

4Divorce is a heartbreaking, exhausting process, and the legal proceedings make the emotional aspect much more difficult. When a divorce is contested, it means that the spouses disagree about how aspects of the case should be settled, like child custody, child support, and property division.…

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