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Dave F. Recommends Stephen R. Glazer

“One mistake can alter your life. A DUI not only can be life altering, but career ending as well. That certainly was the case for me. I was arrested for a “Super Extreme” DUI with a blood/alcohol of .276. While I was sitting there being booked, I knew that my life was about to change and not for the good. This was a very big mistake that I was about to pay very dearly for. With my life and career on the line, I searched and searched for the right attorney to put my entire future in the hands of. At this point, money isn't the issue anymore. It is about salvaging what I can and damage control.

When I first spoke with Stephen, he didn't sugar coat anything and he was right up front about the situation. Believe me, it was not good. But he was confident, made me feel at ease, and he assured me that at the very least, he would do his very best to defend me and no matter what, we were both going to go down swinging. At that point, I knew Stephen was my guy. Turns out, I made a great decision to hire Stephen.

From minute one, he made me feel like I was not just another number. My case and life was as important to him as it is to me. I never once had to chase him for information. He and his staff always kept me informed of the progress in my case at all times. When I had questions, he was always available. And when he wasn't, he always called me back in a timely manner.

And in the end, when all the dust settled, I pled to a “Reckless Driving”, $750 fine, NO jail time and NO loss of license. I don't know if I could have had a better outcome, but I doubt it. He definitely exceeded my expectations. There is no doubt why Stephen is considered one of the best attorney's in Arizona. It is because of his integrity and his character. Remove what you think about attorneys as a norm. Stephen is nothing like that at all. He is deserving of anyone's trust and confidence. There is not enough money in the world to re-pay him for what he has done for me and I am proud to call him my attorney.

The only thing worse than going in front of the judge without an attorney, is going in front of that judge with a bad attorney. If you have made a very big mistake, like me, don't make another very big mistake. You owe it to yourself to talk to Stephen.” – Dave F.

– Dave F.

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