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Recommended Keith A. Hammond

"Mr. Hammond was truly a saving grace in my case. I was charged with a DUI and was probably going to deal with all that comes with it. Keith Review my case extensively and saw that I had a fighting chance. He saw the person I was, and he saw my innocence and he saw the potential in a lesser sentence. Mr. Hammond during the trial showed pure professionalism. He was outstanding in the way he talked to the jury, how he kept me calm, and how seriously he treated my case. Keith treated me like a person not a customer. Keith researched the case thoroughly and found things that an average person could not have found. I was offered a lesser sentence thanks to Keith's hard work. I'm not saying you will receive a lesser sentence as I did, But if Keith is your attorney you will receive the highest level of representation and determination. I am very grateful for Mr. Hammonds efforts. He is a phenomenal person."

– Dru

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