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Recommended Keith A. Hammond

"I have known Keith for almost fifteen years. I have hired him for any legal situation I come upon. I recommend him to people that ask me about attorneys in the Flagstaff area. Keith is honest and very trust worthy. He is knowledgeable in all areas of law. He has a reputation within the courts for his honesty. I hired K. Hammond to defend my daughter, not only was Keith honest. His goal was to make a negative situation into a positive outcome. Keith's goal was not just to defend my daughter but to see that she wasn't going to be back in his office time after time. He wanted the situation to be resolved from the roots on up. He didn't want to patch it up. This is the side of Keith I have never seen in any other attorney. I will always go to Keith for legal advice, and I will recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney. He is the best in Flagstaff and in any other city he s willing to work in. Keith has really given me a different view of lawyers. I am grateful for having such a person helping me and my family. "

– Heather

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