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Judith Recommends Stephen R. Glazer

“We would like to first say how grateful we are to have found Steve Glazer. Our son, an NAU student, found himself in some very serious trouble while in Flagstaff. We found out about the offenses late in the evening, before his first court appearance. We, rather frantically, looked for an attorney to appear with him the next morning in court. After reading many reviews of Flagstaff attorneys, we called Mr. Glazer's office at 1:30 in the morning. He returned our call at 5:30 a.m., and said he would be there to represent our son.

Over the following few months we had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Glazer, and from that first meeting, we were certain that we had chosen the right attorney. He is the consummate professional. He is very experienced in criminal matters and has an eagerness and enthusiasm for law that is refreshing to see. He also had the approach he was planning clearly established. I am sure that every case and defendant is different, and I have no doubt that "Steve" (as he insists on being called) looks at each one individually and chooses the right defense for each. His approach with our son's case was: ‘if this optimum approach fails, then this is the next plan,' and so on. As it turned out, the first option worked, and our son got the best possible resolution to his case. Steve always kept us informed, always offered us the time to come in to see him, or call and make a phone appointment. He always returned our calls within the same day, and usually within the hour.

We must also comment on his office; Caitlin, his assistant was always so nice, so courteous, and so professional. We never felt as though we were a bother. Clearly, we cannot say enough about our experience with Mr. Glazer and his office in what was a very, very scary time. We cannot recommend him more highly.” – Judith

– Judith

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