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Expungement Proceedings/ Restoring of Rights

What is an Expungement Proceeding?

As of January, 2023, Arizona now proudly hosts some of the most expansive laws when it comes to what is available to anyone arrested or convicted in criminal cases. Due to the nuances of these laws, Glazer, Hammond & Ruben, PLLC are here to offer expert advice and guidance when it comes to navigating the different options available to someone who might be interested in pursuing a Set-Aside, a Certificate of Second Chance, an Expungement, or a Sealing of Records.

Where can I find more information on Set-Asides, Expungements, and Sealing Records?

Below you will find links to pages that give more thorough break-downs of what each process is and things that you can expect to encounter when filing for any of the actions.

Every case is unique and the attorneys at Glazer, Hammond & Ruben, PLLC are here to help you determine you eligibility. 

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