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There’s nothing more important to us than our close relationships and our personal security (physical, emotional, and financial). Family Law centers around both of these things. With a background in social work and 20 years of litigation experience, Flagstaff attorney Jennifer B. Ruben is passionate about working alongside you as you navigate this pivotal time in your life and guiding you through the legal system with dignity and respect.

Whether you are looking to settle a divorce through mediation or the collaborative process, or you need representation in court for child custody, child support, or divorce cases, Jennifer B. Ruben has the knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process.

In Northern Arizona, entering the legal world by yourself is intimidating, and decisions made in court are often binding. Whether you’re going through a divorce, custody battle, or simply trying to understand your rights in a co-parenting situation we want to help guide and protect you during this stressful time. These cases are life-changing, but do not have to be life-ending.

Our Flagstaff legal team provides experienced counsel for:

Why Choose Our Flagstaff Family Law Attorneys

  • 46 years combined experience on your case
  • Effective and Efficient strategy
  • Compassionate counsel
  • Sustainable solutions for you and your family

Jennifer Ruben and her family law team are dedicated to finding holistic and sustainable results for their clients. Given the highly personal nature of family law matters, every case and every outcome is tailored to the situation. Jennifer is here to advocate for her clients and the best possible result for their case.

We want to help. Call us at (928) 213-5916 or Contact Us Here to speak with attorney Jennifer B. Ruben, today!

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